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Updated: Mar 3, 2022

So I am sitting here watching a show, animé. I look at the TV and thought, the creativity of other people are quite amazing. It was a simple cartoon show. My mind then started to have these interesting questions and thoughts such as imagine just for a minute what mind that came out of; what was the brain doing when this person thought up of these ideas? Are they messages, subconscious messages from somewhere in the universe or am I just being delusional? Society might want me to think I am delusional but somehow I think it's brilliant. Other questions such as what were the emotions of that person who created that cartoon, tv show, that next big product, that new technology? How do they relate to what they have created and invented? What drove them to do so? I do not know why my mind thinks these types of things, but somehow I feel like it's education? I hope to soon have the answer as to why I think of these kinds of things.

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