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Does Knowledge Control you or do you Control Knowledge?

I am listening to an audible called The Five Levels of Attachments Toltec Wisdom for the Modern World by Don Miguel Ruiz JR and this question interests me, is knowledge controlling you or are you controlling knowledge? In a way I think we control knowledge because everything we have learned through history is on record. I think of knowledge as a game of telephone, being passed down or being rewritten through the decades, from generation to generation and leading up to what we know today. I think that miscommunication played a huge role in passing down knowledge through the decades. The other point of view I think knowledge controls us, because our parents for example, show us knowledge as we grow up, the knowledge that they know, but not necessarily the best knowledge for the next generation to know or to have. Parents do the best that they can to raise their kids with the knowledge they have already and the knowledge they receive from family members, friends, and from the internet. They sit down and decide what is the best way to fix this situation from all the knowledge that they know at that time. Parents have gotten their knowledge from their families, friends, how they were raised. I feel that in the end its nobody's fault really its miscommunication about knowledge through the ages. My friend Desmond Rogers said "I think that the way knowledge controls us is if we use it for the right or wrong reasons. Some people use knowledge as power to control the weak minded and some use it wisely as to gain footing in life. "I too believe this to be true. Knowledge has more power than we know but we have to choose to use it for the better good, and never to harm anyone or control them with it. Please let me know your thoughts.

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