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Updated: Mar 9, 2022

What does Equality mean to you? This is what Equality means to me. Treating each other with kindness, and never waivering in doing so no matter who it is, or what situation we are in. Treating each other equally and with respect no matter the gender, race, nationality. Why should men be getting paid more then woman in the same job? I don't even understand that concept. How is that even a concept, idea or a thing? I really hope that's not happening. I call that sexism. We are all the same. The gender, race or nationality does not define the brain and skills. What if one day this was true? What if it was truly equal with no discrimination? No discrimination even in the background work of government affairs? Tell me what you think please. Any opinions are always welcome. I give credit where credit is due and I will always give you credit on your opinions and if something really stands out to me. The song below inspired this article. I have included a YouTube link to the song as well for those of you that do not use spotify.



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