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I know all patients deserve equal care because otherwise it's called discrimation. That is how I see it because that is simply what makes sense to me. There should be no reason why a person shouldn't receive the same amount of care. In my opinion that's like saying "Let's put a price tag on health, and if it can't be afforded then they can't help?" So basically each individual persons health is more or less important, because of someone's financial status? That doesn't seem nice to me or equal. I could be wrong. I am not a politician, I just have strong values. The only time that someone should not receive equal care is if the patient themselves chooses not to recieve it. If someone truly is ready to go and it was an end of life type of situation they should have the choice to do so, instead of fighting for their lives going through treatment. My own personal beliefs wouldn't get in the way of my job because I would go into work with the mindset that each patients life and situation does not affect me or my life. I would always be empathetic to each individual and treat them with respect. Empathy and communication helps build a strong healthy relationship between people.

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