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Information or Analytical Report School Discussion

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

I think the informational report is the best choice versus the analytical report, because the manager asked the employees to present an idea for a community event, there is really nothing to analyze or to collect data for. I would send it in an email or share it on the companies social media wall. I would make sure that I attract the managers attention by using powerful words or pictures. For example, the website that I recently created I try to attract the audience by writing about something that is useful, is positive, and something that is going to fix something in their lives, or at least interest and entertain my audience to want to come back and read more. I try to put humor in my writing, because, why not? I would try to keep the manager interested by writing about something that will have the most affect on him. I would make sure that I would explain how my idea would benefit the community event and the people the most and hoping he desires what I wrote about and chooses my idea. Same goes for my audience, I hope they desire what I write and it helps in their daily lives and I hope that it changes everyone's lives or makes them feel better about it. I would make sure that the manager knows that I want him to choose my idea in my proposal and I would explain why.

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