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Marijuana Opinions

What I do not understand is why marijuana is legal by state law but it is not legal by federal law. I think that's an oxymoron right? I don't understand what kind of communication system that is but I'm still over here scratching my head asking the question, "Is it legal or illegal?" I don't understand how that even makes sense. I believe that marijuana should be used as it was used when it was first founded for medicine purposes. I believe that marijuana can change the whole of medicine. It can reinvent it, recreate it and it wouldn't be in an unhealthy way, because marijuana is a natural plant. I am not saying use it for the high purposes. There are ways to use it as medicine and never get high. My opinion is that marijuana used for its original purpose, and if it gets integrated into medicine more and more and the healthcare system it has the potential to make the world a healthier place. My experience with marijuana is that it calms me down, it also has opened what I would call my third eye. I am more in tune with my sub-conscious and I have created this blog and started writing all these articles and it came out of nowhere, with some help from marijuana. I am using this drug in a positive way, and to have a positive way to let my thoughts out. The funny part is I am only able to write like this when I smoke Marijuana. I started using my conversations with people for articles, what I learn in school, and from listening to audibles. These are my inspirations for my articles and what I write about. These are my thoughts and beliefs. Please feel free to share yours. I am always open to hearing all points of view.

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