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When I think of perspective I think about what kind of perspective am I going to have about this situation that just happened to me. I lost my job recently, and as far as I know I crossed my T's and dotted the I's and still something got lost in translation. It was a miscommunication. Regardless due to my attendance I lost my job. I did have a moment of anxiety but I grounded myself pretty quickly by talking through the situation. I figure this must be the way it's supposed to be. Maybe a better opportunity is around the corner. I don't know, I have faith though. Losing this last job shouldn't affect my mood or energy because the universe stopped me from getting there. That's the way I view it when I don't want to get too bummed out and it prevents those self loathing feelings. It's all about perspective. I would rather have the perspective of it is the way its supposed to be in every moment, instead of looking at it as a battle I lost. Instead of having a negative attitude about it, I choose to have a positive attitude about it.

Evgenia Lenoir


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