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President Talk

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

This is what I think of who is a "better" president Donald Trump or Joe Biden. These are my opinions about it. I let my guard down and everything I know about both the Democrat and Republican parties I put aside and listened to other people's opinions and perspectives. I then realized that they are not better than the other, they bring different skills to the table. Many people have brought a lot of good opinions to my attention. I agree that Donald Trump is great with action and showing the people that he can make wise decisions when it comes to financial aspects but his choice of words when he spoke about things and people were not the wisest, which, let's be real nobody likes to see the president act or talk like that. The way he presented himself made me think he was artificial, but his actions showed he has qualities of a strong leader. When it comes to Joe Biden I can clearly tell that he cares about the people and the environment, which is great, but in my opinion he needs some help. I had a random thought what if for a minute we forgot that there is two parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, or any other parties for that matter and we took the strengths of each parties beliefs, values, and regulations and (only the ones that don't hurt others ever) and put them together and made it into a different new party persai that thinks of the people, the country, the environment, and the economy. People with new perspectives, beliefs, ideas, innovators, creators, environmentalists, etc. I think this world needs some critical thinking and problem solving. These are my thoughts. I don't think that one person is better than the other, they just need to be open to different perspectives and ideas.

~Evgenia Lenoir~

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