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Relaying Messages

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

I was doing a discussion for school and they were basically asking about how it sounds like when someone writes a business message, so they gave an example of someone writing a message asking the staff members to please clean up after themselves but i believe this lesson goes for personal messages too. When I read the message she wrote, I was actually taken aback a bit. I saw that she was very angry in the message, and she meant business for sure. The way she wrote it was rude, and she definitely did not stop and read it from the audience's point of view to see how it would sound to others. That's where I believe empathy comes into play. I also think that she should have spelled out the word minutes instead of mins. I think she should have never used capital letters, because to me if she was standing there saying these things out loud, she would be loudly expressing those words at the staff with a negative tone. Her writing tone of voice was definitely very on edge and rude. If I was a staff member reading this message, I would not feel good. Being an empath, I would understand they are probably going through something and are having a bad day. If I was the manager offering this person advice, I would probably tell her exactly what I just wrote above. I would also ask her to let me proofread anymore messages before putting it on the fridge or anywhere for anyone to see and we would go through the message together and then her skills of writing business messages would get better. I think I just did some critical thinking and problem solving there.

I also believe that messages can be sent through music and art, commercials, shows, movies etc. I believe we can make the choice to send positive or negative messages. Why spread negativity when we can spread postivity? Sometimes there are messages that you don't even know where it came from but it was meant to be heard by someone. I think we either deliver or receive messages everyday through our environment and everything in it. What are you trying to relay to your audience? Can the audience be everyone? With this blog I do know I am trying to inspire and keep things positive. I know one thing is for sure when someone hears a song it delivers a message to them, someone, somewhere felt something when they heard that song, or saw that piece of art, or watched that movie or show. I hope everyone will only see and hear positive messages.

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