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Remote Controls and Words

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

When you say something to someone imagine the affect it has on that person. To the person you are speaking to it's like being programmed or controlled by a remote. Everything you say and do to someone has a huge affect on that person. It's like a push of a button to program that person what you believe they can be. Some people are able to break through and get past the negative words and the constantly wrong pushed buttons that were used to "program them" with little to no help. Then finally that magic button on that remote gets pushed by somone having postive, useful knowledge and words and it rewires the whole brain and more than you knew all of a sudden makes sense. I went through something similar to this, except it was my sub-concious and even dreams leading the way for me. I became more spiritual due to this experience. It completely changed my life in the most positive way. If anyone has experienced something similar I would love to hear about it. Thank you.

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