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Strategy To Making Ethical Decisions

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

The one that stood out to me the most is the ethic of care because I agree with it. I agree with it because it makes sense to me to care for others and gain new perspectives especially with those you disagree with the most. This leads not only to other knowledge that we might not have had or gained but also it leads to the creation of empathy. In the book it says, and I quote; "Can you think of any circumstances where moral reasoning would require us to treat a family member differently than a stranger?" I mean I wouldn't just let a stranger just walk into my house and make themselves comfortable. There is a way to care about a stranger but also be aware of them and their actions, so they don't harm others or themselves. It doesn't mean speak to them differently or not show empathy for, just be aware. I use the ethic of care daily; it is as simple as covering someone up with a blanket when they are sleeping, and you notice they need one or making coffee in the morning for everyone not just yourself. I think employers want to hire people with strong ethical morals because because having a good moral compass means you are able to put your own beliefs aside and open your mind to new ideas and what is needed for work. Plus, employers want employees who know how to treat people with respect and can show empathy.

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