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Thoughts and Words

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

I believe the way we talk about people is not going to be good for yourself in the long run if you speak negative things. For exampke; just because others don't know who you are behind closed doors the universe always know who and what you say and how you speak about others. I think it is important to have empathy towards other people's feelings especially when they aren't listening or looking. It takes lots of practice but it is possible. I have wished nothing but the best for everyone even the ones that have treated me poorly. Another example; just because someone has a job, or something of the physical world does not make them more powerful, better, or anything that is not equal to everyone else. What defines a person is how they treat others, how they speak about others, if they are humble and kind etc. Words are a powerful thing and our thoughts and words make our reality and karma. I love my peace and happiness and it will stay that way regardless of how much negativity anyone throws my way, that negative energy just ricochet's back to the one speaking it. It's just something to think about. Here is an example that happened to me. When I was going through a break up in my past I listened to the song "I'm Going To Show You Crazy" by Bebe Rhexa and right after that for days I literally went crazy. Another example is someone said to me once in the heat of an argument," You never let me get anything done, you never leave me alone. Your always blowing up my phone." That is literally what I did. Another example is I was going through a box of stuff not too long ago and I remember reading something that was written in my past from my childhood and this sentence stood out at me, "Evgenia is talking about running away from home and I am concerned she will do so." I have never seen these documents before and I never ran away from home when I was a kid. A day after reading that sentence I left the house. I have never done this kind of thing before so this was shocking to me. Now that I am sitting here thinking about it a question pops up, could it really be that what we say, read, watch, think, and what we speak could quite literally be controlling our lives, our environment, everything around us? I didn't realize any of this until now. These are facts that have happened to me. Too many instances for coincidences. I believe the way to test this theory is to choose very wisely what we read, how we speak and what we watch. Have a blessed day everyone. Realizing the power that your words have on the universe and the negative affects it has on your life nobody else's is a powerful knowledge to have. I have experienced it myself and noticed the changes around me all because what I chose to say and do. Peoples words about others do not affect anyone else but themselves.

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