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"When" not "If"

These are the reasons why I think why one of these words is important. When I want to achieve something or a goal or I am on a path to achieving it I used to say and think, "If" this dream or goal of mine did come true..." instead of "When" this dream or goal of mine does come true..." I say this because I remember when I thought and spoke in the "If" mindset I stalled and it didn't seem like I really wanted it that bad. Now I think in the "When" mindset, because I know it will come true, do you know why I know because I spend the time and I put heart and soul and honesty into writing this blog and creating this website. For example, I don't think and or say "If" this website became successful...." I am always thinking and talking in the context of "When" this website becomes successful...." I believe that mind over matter and thinking this way manifests the positive energy and the universe feels you want this for yourself and it sees the effort and energy you put into making your dreams come true and it responds in a way that it helps you get there and shows you the way. That is what I have learned and noticed. Maybe thinking and talking in the mindset of "When" not "If" and believing in your dream and yourself will help the Universe respond accordingly.

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